About Us

The Travel Technology Company (TTC) is a subsidiary of The Handa Travel group. The Handa Travel group was established some as far back as 1976, consists of several divisions, S-trip.com (Handa Student Travel is one of the 50 top best managed companies of Canada for 2013), Handa.Travel (Consumer choice award for excellence for the last 15 years), GlobalNetFares (Consolidation) and TTC. Even though the appellation of “TTC” has been adopted in 2012, has been developing Travel Technology since 1997 (from Sabre Scripts to our present TTC), producing Sabre-approved IBEs (Internet Booking Engines) like: TFE (The Flight Engine B2B – B2C – B2B+B2C), AFS (A Sabre RedApp, “Air Fare Shopper”).

TTC consisting of Travel Professionals with over 48 years of experience in Travel (Airlines and Travel Agencies: Consolidation and Retail) and over 20 years of experience with the Sabre GDS.

With our products, an agent can search Sabre at the speed of light. We believe in doing all development in house, which ensures we are able to develop, maintain and support our customers quickly and efficiently. All our products and solutions are fully customizable per the needs and requirements of the customers/agents and have numerous features and functionalities.

Travel Technologies, Internet Booking Engines (IBEs), Sabre Red Apps, Flight Engine Booking (B2B / B2C), Automated tool for travel agents, .NET